What Type Of Boyfriend Do You Have?


Men always say that women are very complicated and most women are bipolar, which is true most of the time, but little did they know that there are times they’re also kind of having their moments. But then again, how exactly would you describe the type of boyfriend you have? Here is a list that might help you out.

The Jealous Boyfriend

This is kind of self-explanatory but then again, some men are good at hiding this type of persona they have. There are men who are a jealous and possessive type and they are the ones who doesn’t want you spending too much time with others or simply doesn’t want you hanging out with your guy friends. Some women find this sweet but then there are some who just feel suffocated.

IMG_5457There are also men who are considered as jealous and insecure, which is totally different from the previous one because this is where a man is jealous, and at the same time insecure and you would notice it if he talks about himself in a negative way, always worried about what you will think or say and would most of the time have self-pity moments.

The “Just Want To Have A Girlfriend” Boyfriend

Now this is kind of boyfriend is definitely not someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with. These are the kind of guys who just want to have someone that they would call “girlfriends” and it is not really healthy in both parties. They would take photos together so that he could post it on his social media accounts and his friends and family would see, then they would go out just for the people to see that he has a girlfriend in his arms, but when they’re alone, he doesn’t really care what she does or he doesn’t really act as a “proper boyfriend” to her. The woman in this relationship is kind of being used or just acting as a trophy girlfriend and women shouldn’t agree to this kind of relationship because you are teaching men to just disregard your feelings and that will never be okay. Women should be treated with so much love and respect at all times.

The Spoiler Boyfriend

IMG_5458Most women may wish that their boyfriends are actually like this. Well, it has its advantages, but then it also has its disadvantages. People may say that “Real Men Spoil Their Women” which is not bad at all but then everything that is considered “too much” may not end well. There is definitely nothing wrong with spoiling your girlfriend, especially if she deserves it, but then you got to take it in moderation. As a woman, if your boyfriend tends to spoil you over and over again, you must tell him to take it slow or spoil him as well. This may affect a woman’s mentality and take advantage of her boyfriend because he’s spoiled her too much. Don’t be this kind of girlfriend and always be grateful for your boyfriend, don’t take him for granted.

The “Bad Guy” Boyfriend

This kind of boyfriend is often what women want. Even if they try to deny it, there is just something about bad boys that make women just drop their panties. It’s either a guy in a suit like Christian Gray or a guy in a leather jacket like Damon Salvatore. Either way, they’re both considered as bad boys and you would know if your boyfriend is a bad boy if he gets into trouble a lot, he gives off that “bad boy”vibe that your parents wouldn’t really like him. However, there are some who has that bad boy image but when you dig deeper and get to know them, they are sometimes better than guys who are a gentleman.

The Self-Absorbed Boyfriend

IMG_5460Just like the first one, this is also self-explanatory. If your boyfriend actually cares about himself more than he cares about you, then you might want to think about your relationship. These are the types of guys who doesn’t really care what you do, where you go, what kind of decisions you are making in your life, insensitive and doesn’t really care if something hurts you. They also have their own timetable and most of the time you are not part of it. He will only call or text you if he needs something, but if he doesn’t, he would ignore you and say he is too busy with something. Technically, you are not one of his priorities.

The “Nice Guy” Boyfriend

Truth to be told, these are the type of guys who tend to go straight into the “friend zone” even before they ask a girl out. They’re often described as a loser even if they’re actually just normal guys. For some women, normal guys are boring and they want to have someone who would excite them in every possible way. But if you happen to be dating a “nice guy” then good for you. Your boyfriend is difficult to be found nowadays since most guys just want flings and not a relationship anymore. Nice guys often have goals and dreams that would include their girlfriends.

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