What Kind Of Style Do You Have? Find Out Here


Your fashion style always depends on what kind of personality you have and what are the things that you are into. However, sometimes people get judged by how they dressed especially if it is something unusual and it is kind of disappointing how other people react and sometimes even attack someone for how they chose to dress. The way you dress often describes what kind of person you are or what are the things that you are into. So whatever kind of style you have, as long as you’re happy then go ahead but if you still don’t know what you like, here are some that could help you out.



When you are described as a bohemian chick, that specifically mean you are interested in anything artistic especially with the exotic patterns, textures, and earthy colors. You are described are free-spirited and is often called as the gypsy fashion sense. You often like to wear a lot of accessories from your head to toe, peasant blouses with scarves on your head and you are often described as a hippie as well. For other people, they look at this style as a non-traditional look.

One celebrity is actually known to have this kind of style and it is the High School Musical actress, Vanessa Hudgens. But people often dresses as a bohemian chick at the annual Coachella Music Festival.


IMG_5580People with a flamboyant fashion sense is often described as dramatic, energetic and outgoing. The people who have this type of style is often referred to wear anything flashy. Like wearing too many colors with a mix of neon and have asymmetrical and exaggerated, mix-matched prints with such intense bright colors that are sometimes not really good for the eyes.

You wouldn’t normally see someone with this type of fashion sense but the best example is Emilia Clarke’s character in her romantic/drama film “Me Before You” where she often wear brightly colored coats and dresses in printed neon shoes and stockings.


IMG_5579This is probably one of the most coming fashion styles for teenagers and young at heart. It involves ruffles, floral tops and dresses, soft fabrics and vintage necklaces and other accessories. Literally, like someone who came straight out of a romantic film. These type of people obviously loves romantic books and films that are they’re often called as hopeless romantics. They believe in happily ever afters and that their dream partner will sweep them off their feet and kiss them in the rain like in the movie The Notebook.

These type of people are often described as sweet, demure, bubbly and basically smiling and daydreaming most of the time. They love the old school romantic letters and flowers or anything romantic.


This is obviously self-explanatory, the goal of having this kind of style is to get the attention of other people. Women would think you are slutty and men would think you are flirty and seductive. However, some women would wear incredibly sexy and revealing clothes to catch an attractive guy’s attention but when they catch the attention of unattractive guys, they would think he’s a pervert of some kind.

IMG_5578The thing is, you don’t have to look like a stripper to be sexy. If you don’t want men to think you’re easy and slutty, leave something for the imagination. You can be sexy without revealing too much skin. Being sexy is an attitude, someone can be sexy wearing pajamas.


People who are often described as sophisticated are women who are elegant and glamorous at the same time. They carry themselves with such polished style and often wears something expensive either it is the dress, shoes or the bag. Their hair is always in place and you would barely see them look messy.


Men seem to think that women who wear a sophisticated style are high-maintenance. Maybe some but not all of them. Some women just like to look elegant at all times but they can be down-to-earth as well. You can look sophisticated if you know how to dress elegantly, the brand or price of the clothes and accessories doesn’t matter all the time. You can even copy the look with more affordable brands.


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