3 Essential Tips Every Curvy Woman Needs to Follow to Boost Her Confidence


In this generation, we are in at the moment, being skinny means being sexy. So if you are not as thin as the Victoria’s Secret models, then people wouldn’t really consider you “sexy” which is kind of sad because a lot of women actually lose confidence with themselves just because of what society thinks and they shouldn’t feel the need to starve themselves just to look skinny because no matter what size of pants you wear, you are beautiful and here are ways to become proud of yourself.

  • We Are All Equally Beautiful

Every human being is born beautiful. No matter what shape, size or color we have. Unfortunately, the society we have today thinks that not everyone is beautiful. They think that if you are as skinny as a model, then you are considered sexy, if you have flawless faces then you are beautiful. Magazines and billboards obviously edit their photos to make their models look perfect and flawless, but people tend to always forget that. Designers choose skinny models so that they wouldn’t need to spend too much money on fabrics and they all come in one size so that it would fit any model. And people started to think that just because that’s what they see, they think that is what perfection is like.

IMG_5428Some celebrities undergo plastic surgery to enhance their features, they do this because their job is to look good at all times in the eyes of their fans, and they can obviously afford it. But then again, that doesn’t mean they look perfect, but they have to look “perfect” for their fans because without the fans, they wouldn’t be where they are at the moment. Their job is to be loved so they have to meet certain standards. They’re all just like us, it just so happens that they have to look their best because if they don’t, people would start to judge them by how they look just like how people judge others around you.

It does not really matter what other people would think or say about your size. They don’t own you, you don’t owe them anything, you’re not a celebrity and you don’t need their approval and most importantly they’re not paying you. So you got to keep in mind that it wouldn’t matter what they don’t like how you look, if they think you’re sexy and beautiful just be thankful, if they think you’re too big then okay, let them have their opinions but don’t let them make you feel bad about yourself.

  • Be Your Own BFF

Beauty comes from within, so if you don’t think you’re good enough and beautiful then you would give that vibe to people and they would also think of you that way. Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are. Don’t mind your flaws, everyone has them because that makes us human. Your flaws are there to remind you that despite all the flaws you can still be beautiful and all you need to do is to believe. Believe that you are actually capable of being a beautiful woman.


Flaunt your assets, wear clothes that fit you perfectly, you can look for some fashion inspiration on the internet if you are having a hard time, but you have to make sure you are comfortable with whatever you wear, you can avoid wearing tight fitted and baggy clothes. If you think wearing makeup will make you feel more confident and beautiful then go ahead, just don’t overdo it because you need it to enhance the beauty that is already there, not to cover it.

  • Beautiful Inside and Out

Always remember that being beautiful on the outside is good, but being beautiful from the inside is the best. Who needs an angelic beautiful face, but with a heart of stone. Be compassionate and at the same thing grateful. It is rare to find people nowadays who are both beautiful inside and out because there are times that those who are physically beautiful tend to be overconfident that they’re forgetting their manners and how they should treat people properly. Then there are those who have been so hurt by others because they would say she’s too fat or ugly and not good enough. This world we live in today have a very disappointing society, like everyone needs a personality makeover. So start within yourself, treat people the way you want to be treated and they would surely think you are beyond beautiful.

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