Tips on Getting Dolled-Up For Valentine’s Day


A special day is coming up this week and women would of course want to look their best for Valentine’s Day. It’s not just for women to actually look and feel good for themselves, but they also want their partner to actually appreciate them and the fact they they put an effort to dress up and look pretty. So here are some beauty and fashion tips if you want to impress your partner this special day of love.

  • Make Your Skin Glow

IMG_5466This is something you might want to do a few days before Valentine’s Day. Make sure the skin on your face and your body is smooth by scrubbing in the shower with some body conditioner and lotion afterwards. Or you could just get a body massage or a facial at your favorite salon. You wouldn’t just look good with your smooth and glowing skin, but you’ll also feel good and confident about yourself. But of course, if you don’t really want to spend so much money on this then you could just always use some lotion and body scrub. Then for your face, you could just get a face mask the night before your date or if you don’t really have too much time, then just make your skin glow using some highlighter on your cheeks to give you that dewy and sexy look.

  • Blush is a Must

IMG_5465This is very important, especially if you and your partner are planning on going out for dinner or just a romantic stroll in the park. Because during the night, you would want your partner to see that cute blush on your cheek. You could use whatever rosy pink blush you have but always bear in mind to not over do it, unless you want to look like someone slapped you. You should always go for the natural look, so don’t put too much blush. Blush look so good during night time, especially within a dimly light place so make sure to watch some YouTube makeup tutorials if you have time and if you don’t have any idea how to properly do it. But if you don’t really like putting on blush, you could always pinch your cheeks just like what they do during the olden days.

  • Carry Yourself With Grace and Confidence

One of the common mistakes women make when going on a date is that they tend to focus on what they’re going to wear? Are they are going to wear heels? What type of purse is they going to bring? Men wouldn’t really care about fashion, what they will notice is how you carry yourself. If you are wearing a Versace dress and a Gucci shoes, and you’re feeling really uncomfortable with it, they would be able to tell and they would feel uncomfortable as well. So if you want to dress to impress, make sure that you wouldn’t just impress him with your dress, but also on how you carry yourself with grace and confidence.

  • Too Much MakeUp? BIG NO

IMG_5463Another thing that you shouldn’t do is to put too much makeup on. Yes, there is such thing as too much makeup and 9 out of 10 guys does not really prefer women who wear too much makeup on their faces. He might want to give you a little peck on the cheek, but then he wouldn’t really feel your cheek, instead he would taste your heavy foundation. A little bit of makeup is great and go for the natural look. If you want to go heavy on your eyes then it is totally fine because it can hide the fact that you might be too tired lately. But go easy on your foundation, men like their women who are confident about their skin and it’s okay to have enough to cover up some unwanted zits and blemishes, just make sure to cover them but don’t cover your entire face with 3 layers of foundation.

  • Get Ready For Some Smooches

IMG_5467If your date went well, then there is a 90% chance he will give you a kiss good night. But of course you also have to prepare for that. You can do it by simply making sure you brush your teeth and gargle some mouthwash before you leave and don’t forget those breath mints that must be always inside your purse. And one final thing you shouldn’t do, is to eat something that would make your breath stink. Like food with too much garlic or onions on it. But if you do, just chew some of those breath mints and you’re good to go.

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