These Destructive Habits Could be Sabotaging Your Happiness, Here’s How to Stop Today


Life isn’t fair, and it will never be, that is why most people wish for a “better life”. But then again, to a child who is in the orphanage, being adopted leads to a better life. To a teenager, getting good grades and getting accepted to a good university leads to a better life.

To a single middle-aged woman, finding a suitable husband before she gets too old leads to a better life. To a rich old man, finding a successor and finally retiring leads to a better life. So that means, a “better life” depends on the situation a person is in.

It is basically about a person’s aspirations, hopes and dreams that would eventually lead them to happiness and satisfaction and even if over the years, a person’s meaning of a “better life” changes, it will still all fall down to what would really bring them joy.


But then again, how exactly do we attain this better life we’ve been talking about. Well for starters, you should be thinking about the things that you should NOT be doing since these are considered a hindrance in your path to a better life.

However, only you can decide which are the things that are unnecessary. But make sure to know what exactly is your definition of a better life at the moment, to clearly identify the things that you should stop doing.

  • STOP living in the past

Made a lot of mistakes and bad choices? Forgive yourself. It may not be easy, but this is the only way you could move on. If you have done things that you regret to other people then ask for their forgiveness, if they can’t grant you that yet, then just move on with your life because eventually they will come around. If you truly regret whatever it is you did and is willing to pay for the consequences, then go ahead, but after that you should move on. If you made some pretty bad choices, then remember that everything happens for a reason, we all make bad choices at some point, but that is a way of telling ourselves, we must learn from them so that next time, we would be able to choose the right choice. Stop regretting your actions from the past because you are not heading there. Look forward into what the future holds while living in the present and making sure that you’re still learning from your mistakes. Let the past go so you can get into that better life you’ve been wanting to have.

  • STOP saying you have “No Time”

Believe it or not, there are no such thing as a “no time”, but there is such thing as “priorities”. A day consists of 24 hours and 6-7 hours of it are used for us to sleep and recharge. But with the 17 hours that is left for our day, there is so many things we can actually do. Unfortunately, not a lot of people make use of their time wisely so they end up always saying that they’re “too busy”. If you have this kind of attitude, then you better stop if you really want to have a better life.

To a father working at the office for 8 hours a day, he still has a little more time left to spend time with his family, but then he chooses to bring some work home and continue working. What exactly did he miss? Spending time with his wife, playing with his children and relaxing after a long day at work, but instead he chooses to continue working because he needs to finish a certain presentation and etc. Little did he know that his relationship with his wife is slowly drifting apart and to his children, he is just their biological father, who is a workaholic that comes home every night.

IMG_5412Time is the most important thing in the world and if you don’t use it right then you might lose things or people that you can no longer get back. Being a responsible and hardworking father is a major thumbs up, but it takes a true man who is like that, but at the same time is a loving and caring dad who always finds time for his children.

Sort out your priorities now before it’s too late and make use of your time wisely because time is something we can NEVER get back.

  • STOP making things complicated

Overthinking leads to stress and stress leads to having a complicated life. Who would want such a stressful, complicated life? No one. And yet a lot of people are letting stress take over them that is why their lives are getting even more complicated than it is supposed to be. If you have a problem, then think of a way to solve it, but stressing out over the fact that you have a problem and is having a hard time finding a solution for it will definitely make things even more complicated and you will end up not solving the problem.
Problems will always be there, but don’t let yourself be the problem. Every problem, there is a solution, and all you need to do is to figure out what the solution to your problem is.

IMG_5414For instance, a woman is trying to look for a dress in her wardrobe for a date tonight. Her problem is that she doesn’t have enough time or money to get a new one because most of her dresses are out of fashion. In every problem, there is an endless list of possible solutions. One thing she can do is to call a friend and borrow a dress or ask for help to accessorize and remake the dress she has in her closet. Another solution is to go look for fashion advices and inspirations on the internet to recreate something from her wardrobe. Pretty simple isn’t it?

You’re the one complicating your life and it is not how it’s supposed to be. Calm down and think, that way you can figure something out without actually stressing yourself.

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