The Perfect Red Lips on the Red Carpet


The annual Academy Awards is just around the corner and we definitely couldn’t wait to see who are the brightest stars that will bring home the most prestigious Oscar trophies. But then again, it is not just about who are going to win, but who is wearing who. One of the most iconic looks in the Oscars and every award-giving ceremonies is the sexy red lipstick make-up look. It seems like one can go wrong with the red lipsticks, but then again, how exactly do stars like Scarlett Johansson, Lily Collins and Emma Watson always manage to nail that perfect red lips on the red carpet? Here are a few tricks that could totally help you out when it comes to rocking that red lips you’ve been dreaming of.

50 Shades of Red


• For Fair Skin

When you say “red lipstick”, there has got to be more than 50 shades of red there is to choose from, so what you need to do is to Base these shades of red to the type of skin tone you have. If you have a fair skin, which means you are very pale and have that porcelain doll-like skin, red shades like candy apple any reddish pink shade would totally look smashing on you. Choose the ones that have blue undertones to actually bring out the warmth in your skin, so better make sure you stay out of those yellow undertones.

• For Beige to Medium Skin

If you have beige skin or just a bit darker than fair skin, the coral red shades are the one you are looking for. Look for red lipsticks that have a hint of pumpkin orange color instead of the super orange ones. It will make you look more sophisticated and sexy at the same time. But if you are slightly darker than beige, go for the classic bold and sexy blood-red lipsticks. And don’t worry about going too deep because the redder it is, the more it will look perfect on your luscious lips.

• For Olive and Chocolate Skin

And if you have that perfectly good-looking olive skin, berry red lipsticks will totally make you shine. With the hints of fuchsia and raspberries will complement your copper skin, but stay away from the neon colored red lipsticks because it might make you look older or younger and it wouldn’t really go well with you. And if you have a nice chocolate skin, those purple-based lipsticks will totally make you look good in whatever you’re wearing. Those reddish plum lipstick shades go so well with your skin, with a bit of gloss and glitter added to it.


Pick The Perfect Formula

• Matte

This has got to be the most classic look for red lipsticks. These matte lipsticks last longer than the others and it doesn’t smudge, provided you’re wearing a decent one, it is totally ideal for the red carpet, and you can wear this on dates, at work, or a night out with some friends as well. You could never go wrong with these sexy looking mattes. One of the most iconic makeup looks for this is the “just my red lipstick” look, wherein it looks like you’re only wearing your sexy red lipsticks along with a bit of mascara and liners and some blush. It is definitely a must try a go-to look to every who wants to have that iconic sexy red lipstick look.

• Glossy

If you don’t like the classic matte, you can always go for the more modern look like adding some shine to your lips. Wearing a glossy red lipstick will totally make you look younger and more sophisticated, just make sure you don’t have too much glitters on it unless you want to look like a teenager who’s trying to grow up so fast by wearing lipsticks. You can even wear a matte lipstick first and if you want to change your look, just add some lip gloss to it instead of removing it.


You can never go wrong with red lipsticks since you can wear it at a party, a formal event, a date, a night out with friends. Just make sure you wear the right shade of red for you so that it will look even better with whatever you wear.

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