Shocking Bad Beauty Habits You Should Stop Doing Immediately


The are a lot of bad beauty habits there is and you may not notice that you’re doing one or two of them. Here are a couple of bad beauty habits you must stop doing for a better looking you.


IMG_5487This is probably the most common bad beauty habit women does every day. Licking your lips can actually dry out your lips instead of you thinking it would hydrate them. The saliva is the one drying out your lips if you keep on licking them. To prevent your lips from drying or even to prevent yourself from licking it, you can spread a thick layer of some petroleum jelly every couple or hours especially during the night when it is cold. Because the petroleum jelly locks in all the moisture and it will keep your lips from drying out.

But if you don’t like petroleum jelly on your lips, you can do it naturally at home where all you have to do is get some sugar and rub some of it on your gently and leave it on for two minutes and then you can wash it all off afterward. You can do this once a week and it is advisable to do it before you go to bed. And it is also advisable to always carry a chapstick with you, everywhere you go so that whenever you have dry lips, you can simply apply some.


Pimples are pores that are clogged because of bacteria and if you keep on touching it and popping it, it will leave a scar on your face. It is always advisable to leave them alone but if you really can’t stand it, you can always use some tea tree oil and dab a bit on the pimple and it will definitely reduce the inflammation. You can also try some over-the-counter products, however, don’t overuse them since there might be an ingredient in it that can burn the skin.

If your pimples are because of hormones then you can go to a doctor who can prescribe you some contraceptive pills for your pimples to calm down. Don’t buy just any contraceptives if you don’t have a doctor’s prescription. But if your pimples are just getting out of hand, it is best to go to a dermatologist so that you can have the right facial wash, cream, and toner for it.



It is not really advisable to wash your hair every single day simply because, it can remove all the natural oils that are supposed to be present in your hair. Washing your hair every day can lead to dry and frizzy hair and of course no one wants that.

However, it is okay for people who have short hair to wash their hair every single day because all the natural oil can reach the hair if it is short, but if it is long then you should wash your hair less frequently. To achieve that healthy looking, soft and silky hair, don’t wash it every day.


Too tired to remove your makeup that has been on your face the entire day? Well, you’ll definitely regret it. Makeup is full of chemicals and even if it doesn’t really have an extremely harmful effect on your skin, it still has chemicals and the longer you have it on your skin, the worst the effects will be.

TR-STHI-000197It is understandable to wear make up every day especially if you are going out to work or school. But it is advisable to let your face breathe for a day if you can since wearing makeup every single day can lock in all the chemicals instead of your face feeling the fresh breeze of air. Never go to bed with makeup on since your foundation blocks the pores and it gets clogged with bacteria from the day before and it will turn into pimples. The face also has a thin layer of skin so better make sure to take extra care for it and remove your makeup and wash your face before going to bed.

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