Secrets to Looking Younger


Almost every middle aged women suffer from aging rather quickly and looking a little older than they really are. Then there are just women who look younger even if they are already in their 40’s. There are so many ways to look younger but not all of them applies to everyone. But then in order to be happy, we must accept that getting older is a part of life and that it is inevitable. But there is no harm of wanting to look younger, so here are some helpful tips to look younger.


  • Wash Your Face Everyday

It is highly recommended to wash your face before you go to bed, especially if you have been out all day or with make up on. It would help if you use facial cleansers that are not too harsh on your skin because there is a tendency that it might make your dry skin and this would lead unwanted wrinkles that would definitely make you look older. Cleansing your face is the best way to avoid looking more mature than you already are but after that, make sure to moisturize and get a moisturizer that is perfect for your skin type and also has the anti-aging serum because it will help give your skin a youthful glow.

  • Protect Your Skin From The Sun

IMG_5442Another cause of your skin looking old is probably because you’re spending too much time under the sun. Stay indoors from 10 am to 3pm because these are the times that the UV rays of the sun can actually destroy skin cells and it will dry up. It would be best to use a sunblock for your face and body to avoid getting burnt. This is not just for the summer, especially if you’re living in a tropical country. The higher the SPF of the sunblock, the better.

  • Wear MakeUp Properly

One of the most common mistakes of women is that they’re not putting on make up the way it would suit them. Some woman wears too much make up and this would totally make you look more mature and also the chemicals present on makeup is not really good for the skin so it is advisable to wear less makeup if you need to do it everyday and go for the natural makeup look instead. There are also women who pluck their brows too much and they didn’t know that having too thin eyebrows can also make you look older. So technically, if you have brows like Lily Collins and Cara Delevigne then leave it as it is and just tame it the way it is supposed to be. It would also help if you watch makeup tutorials on YouTube.


  • Cover Grays and Choose the Suitable Hair Color

Having gray hair is totally normal, especially for a middle aged woman. So if you don’t like them being visible, you can get your hair done at your favorite salon or better yet if you don’t want to spend a couple of hundred bucks for that, just get the right hair coloring supplies from your local beauty cosmetics supplies and get the hair color than you wish. Just make sure it suits your skin tone.


  • Wear A Suitable Haircut

Another common mistake women make is that they don’t really notice that a proper haircut also comes with the facial features and age. In some cases, women with very long hair tend to look older, especially if you’re a middle aged woman. Having a medium or shoulder length hair is probably the safest to go, but if you have a fuller figure, then don’t cut your hair too short since the shorter the hair, it might make you look bigger.


IMG_5440The best way to look younger is to feel younger. Nothing beats proper diet and regular exercise. Make sure to eat your greens and fruits every day so you would be far away from all the illnesses. As we grow older, we tend to be more prone to diabetes, high blood pressure and etc. So making sure you are looking after yourself is a total must.

You also might need to check your closet and look if your clothes make you look too old. Ask for a young person’s perspective and get some fashion ideas on the internet.

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