Victoria Beckham and More Stars Swear by These Essential Oils for Healthy, Voluminous Hair


The hair is what they often refer to as the “crowning glory” that is why a lot of people tend to take care of their hair so much. There are some who gets them treated at the salon once every few months, some dye it with a new hair color, some enjoy having different haircuts once in a while. But then people have different natural hair textures, some have naturally straight hair and some have naturally wavy and curly hair. And of course you often experiment over what other looks can suit you, however, because of all the heat and treatments, your hair is slowly drying out since all the natural oils it produces are going away. So it is best to try out these essential oils that can totally condition your hair.


If you have normal hair, as in it is not too dry and not too greasy. Then you can try out some following essential oils.

– Rosemary Essential Oil

This first essential oil is simply full of antioxidants and it came from the extracts of the rosamurinus officinalis leaves, which is also used as a culinary herb. This essential oil is the best when it comes to helping out the hair in premature graying and thinning. It helps stimulate the hair follicles and encourages the blood to circulate properly. Regular use of this essential oil ensures a non-greasy and less dandruff scalp and hair.


Just mix in heated 3 Tbsp of olive oil and add about 8-10 drops of rosemary oil, but wait for it to cool down for a bit. Apply the hot oil to your scalp and once your scalp is fully covered then you may now dip your towel to a warm water and cover your hair with it. Wait for about 30 minutes before washing it all off with shampoo. If you do this once a week, you will see how your hair will be less greasy and thicker.


– Lavender Essential Oil

Well, this next one is straight out from the extract of the Lavandula angustifolia flowers. This sweet smelling essential oil is very mild and soothing which can be used for any types of hair so it is technically not just for normal hair. It improves the circulation of the blood when you massage it into your scalp and it helps with the growth of the hair and of course it also prevents hair loss. The Lavender oil is also known for as a scalp moisturizer since it balanced the sebum production and it also has the ability to control dandruff and scalp acne because of its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.


Mix 8-10 of Lavender oil in 2 Tbsp of warm extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil for the scalp massage. Massage the scalp gently using your fingers and leave it on overnight so that it can take effect especially the healing and nourishing properties. It would be advisable to cover your head with a towel when you sleep so that the oil won’t go to your pillows whenever you turn your head. The Lavender oil also helps when it comes to having a good night sleep and also as a stress reliever.


If you have dry hair, then you totally need to have some oil added into it so that your hair won’t look so dull because it is dry.

– Clary Sage Essential Oil

If you have dry hair and scalp, the clary sage essential oil is the one for you. It is actually extracted from scalvia sclarea and it has an amazing herbal aroma. It regulates the oil production in the scalp which controls dandruff and also brings back the natural oil to make it less dry.


Mix in 10 drops of clary sage essential oil with 2 Tbsp of coconut oil and apply it straight t your hair and make sure you get into every strand. It will make the hair soft and shiny.


– Tea Tree Essential Oil

Extracted from the Australian tree, the melaleuca alternifolia or also known as Tea tree oil, is one of the most popular oils in the world that is widely used to treat any skin or hair problems. It is actually the best for dry hair because it moisturizes the scalp and it relieves the dryness and itching and also brings the oil into the strands to make it less dry.


Mix in about 5 drops of Tea tree oil to 1 Tbsp of shampoo and massage your scalp and hair with it for about a minute or two then rinse it all off with plain water.


Here are a couple of essential oils you can try for your oily hair.

– Peppermint Essential Oil

Just like the candy mints, the peppermint essential oil also has a cooling effect and when you apply it to the skin, it will improve the body’s blood flow. This essential oil promotes hair growth and helps when it comes to rejuvenating the hair follicles. It cleanses the scalp from too much oil that is why this works the best for people with oily hair.


With about 5 drops or peppermint oil, add some 2 Tbsp of Lavender oil in 2 Tbsp of warm coconut. Once the mixture is done, apply it gently on your scalp and leave it for about 15 minutes then wash it all off with shampoo.


– Lemon Essential Oil

Another amazing essential oil for an oily scalp is the lemon essential oil that actually helps get rid of dandruff and scalp acne. It is also great when it comes to getting rid of the greasiness because of too much oil.


Just mix in some lemon essential oil with warm water after you wash your hair and leave it on for about 3-5 minutes then rinse it again with plain water.

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