How To Get Some Beauty Sleep


Sleep is extremely important to anyone. It provides a lot of benefits into the body physically, mentally and emotionally. It is one of the most important things a person should do every single day but unfortunately, not a lot of people get enough sleep or some even suffer from not sleeping simply because of how busy their life is that they apparently don’t have any time to sleep. But then, there is no such thing as “no time to sleep”, we all have time to sleep, however, some people just chooses not to that is why they suffer. So for people who wants to improve their beauty sleep, here are some tips and tricks for you.



If sleeping early works for you better, then go ahead, but if you need to do some work or any other task and you’re already feeling sleep, take a nap and do it when you wake up. However, this is not advisable for people who are heavy sleepers. But for people who doesn’t have any problems waking up, then try sleeping for a few hours first then go back to what you need to do so that you can now do your work and not feel sleepy because when a person is tired, they tend to lose focus and all they want to do is sleep. It really helps if you get some sleep before you get your work done so that the results of your work won’t be so bad compared to you being so tired and still working. You can try some other routines to help you out and just choose what is the best for your lifestyle.



In this generation, 24 Hours may seem like it is not enough for a day. Everyone seems so busy with their lives that an average adult only sleeps for 5-6 hours or less. Apparently, life is too busy to sleep and you have plenty of chances to sleep when you’re dead, well, you’re never going to wake up when you’re dead so you don’t really have a choice. But then again if you want to improve your beauty sleep, you must try to sleep for eight hours. Being well rested and having a good sleep can actually prevent wrinkles and pimples, although you have to make sure to always wash your face right before you sleep so that all the makeup and dirt won’t clog your pores that can lead to acne. It also inhibits fat production as well as stimulating muscle growth.


Sleeping in an uncomfortable bed and some not-so-nice pillows can disrupt your sleep so it is ideal to make sure you are comfortable with your bed first. Make sure you have clean sheets and change them often so that you will feel welcomed by your bed every single night. With the pillows, changing your pillow cases into some satin ones can actually help prevent wrinkles and it is also good for your hair since it prevents shake damage. Of course, you have to change them once in a while as well since they can also get dirty and it is not good for your face.


Eating right before going to bed is a big no. You just always make sure to eat 5-6 hours before going to bed. When you lay down with a full stomach, it can actually trigger heartburn since the stomach will become acidic and it will rise back up to the esophagus after eating and it will interfere with your sleep. You can also gain weight if you eat right before bed since all the calories that are consumed do not burn when you sleep. Drinking coffee, however, will trigger insomnia or sometimes make it worse. Coffee will, of course, keep you awake so it is totally out of the question to drink it before sleeping.



This is probably one of the major reasons why people tend to have a difficult time sleeping. Being stressed out and thinking of every possible problem that you have in your life right before you go to bed, will totally stop you from sleeping. Your mind is so busy that it cannot really bring itself to rest so you can sleep. Try to think of relaxing and peaceful thoughts so that your body and mind will agree that it is now time to relax and have your beauty sleep.

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