How To Be A Certified Fashionista


You don’t exactly need to have a degree in fashion just to be a “certified fashionista.” A fashionista is technically someone who always make sure she is wearing the latest trend and can absolutely carry it with confidence. Fashion is a form of art that is why it is always highly appreciated and it takes real talent to become a designer or a stylist.


However, being a fashionista doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear luxurious designer clothing. A woman who is wearing an orange Chanel long-sleeved turtle-neck dress paired with some yellow Valentino knee-high boots and has a neon green bag pack on her back, in the middle of the summer and is totally not comfortable with what she’s wearing, is considered as a major fashion disaster. It is not always about what you’re wearing, but about how you carry yourself. Here are some tips on becoming a certified fashionista.


Fashion is literally everywhere so you can’t make up excuses that you can’t find any inspiration. It is everywhere on the internet, all over the television and magazines. Or you can simply watch a movie. You have to keep your eyes and mind open and you shouldn’t be afraid to try. If you find any inspiration online then save it on your smartphone so that you can give it a try when you can.


Check out your favorite models and celebrities and see their latest fashion trends on their social medias and paparazzi photos.


You cannot be a certified fashionista if you only have a few pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. You must have a decent amount of clothing in order for you to mix and match. However, you don’t necessarily have to splurge, you can set a certain budget for it. Just like what I mentioned, it is not always about the brand, you just gotta carry it with your great style.

Go to different stores and make sure to try them on first because a certain style of clothing might not fit in whatever figure you have. But always remember that being a fashionista, is not the same as being a shopaholic, so shop wisely.



Just like with clothes, you must have a good amount of accessories just like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves, hats and even purses in different types and colors. Look for the ones that would go with the certain style you prefer. If you are wearing something country inspired then don’t wear a sequined hat or purse to go with it. Or if you’re wearing a sweatshirt together with some sweatpants, don’t wear your fancy and sparkly looking jewelry to go with it, unless you want to look like a crazy homeless lady.

If you don’t know what to do, just look for some inspiration on the internet and some magazines. It is not that difficult, you just literally have to be creative and open-minded. Just always bear in mind that just because it looks good on your favorite celebrity, doesn’t mean it will look as good on you. Research about how to style according to your figure and skin tone.


IMG_5512It doesn’t really matter if your clothes are all in the latest trend if it doesn’t fit you properly and you’re not comfortable wearing it, it will be such a fashion disaster. If you want to dress to impress then make sure you impress yourself first. If you’re wearing a dress that is too tight and you couldn’t really breathe then you will be too uncomfortable and it wouldn’t turn out well. Always keep in mind that you have to comfortable in order to have the confidence you need because if you don’t like how your clothes fit you or if you think it just doesn’t look right then your confidence will totally go down the hill.

Once you are comfortable with what you’re wearing, hold your head up high and make sure you have a proper posture so you can carry that trendy outfit you’re wearing. Be proud of yourself and always feel beautiful because people will see through you and if they see how good you carry yourself, you may not know, you will be the one to inspire them this time around and that will totally make you a certified fashionista.

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