Unusual Tricks to Help You Get the Perfect Smile in Every Photo


It doesn’t take so much effort to smile, but not every smile is genuine. There are some people just love to smile but there are also some who just doesn’t really think smiling can do anything, so they sometimes look like they’re upset or angry about something.

What exactly does a great smile look like? Why is it so difficult for some people to smile? Is there such thing as a perfect smile? Well, it is a fact that everybody is different and that means every smile is also different and not every smile is a good smile.

There is an angry smile, forced and fake smile, happy smile, crying smile etc. But how exactly do you wear that picture perfect smile? Here are some tips you can try to improve your smile.



There are people who smiles effortlessly and if you want to become that kind of person, all you need to do is try to practice in the mirror. You can try different angles and types of smile and just pick which do you think would look best for you.

It would help if you look at your photos and see how you smiled in that certain photo. Are you showing your teeth? Is your mouth closed while you are smiling? Do you prefer to smile with your mouth slightly open? Whichever feels natural for you then you should go for that.

Once you have practiced enough, it will be so much easier for you to smile and it will look more natural and less strained. Once you got used to it then you’ll be more confident when it comes to smiling especially in public, and sometimes you wouldn’t even notice that you’re smiling. You can start with your family and friends since they’re the people who you are mostly with. A brief eye contact and flash a smile, it’s not that difficult if you really think about it.


Now that you have practiced your smile in the mirror and you can now comfortably do it, why not try smiling with your eyes. That is the best natural way of smiling because it will give the vibe that you are really smiling genuinely and wholeheartedly. It is something that you cannot force or fake.

When you take a photo, that kind of smile is not real since you are simply smiling for the sake of the photo. But a real smile comes from within and it comes out not only thru the smile that is formed by the lips but also the one that is formed with the eyes.


It is that kind of smile when you think of the things that make you happy. It is that kind of smile when you are surrounded by the people who loves you. It is that kind of smile that whatever you do, it will just come out naturally because of that certain feeling of joy.


One of the things that stop people from smiling is if they are not confident with their teeth. It is best to make sure that our oral hygiene is well taken care of. Always make sure to brush your teeth three times a day and don’t forget to floss and gargle some mouthwash. Without taking care of your teeth, it can totally ruin your confidence when it comes to smiling. So visit your dentist twice a year to ensure that you have healthy teeth that are perfect for smiling.



A smile is can be so powerful that when you smile to someone, chances are they will smile back to you, of course only if you’re not being creepy. There are also times that when you smile, someone who is looking at you feels that smile even if he or she is not the reason why you’re smiling.

For instance, when a man say that he fell in love with a certain woman’s smile, that means whenever she smiles, it makes him smile as well because her smile has a positive vibe and that is what he really loves. Seeing someone smile can brighten up someone else’s mode. So if you’re single and looking, keep on smiling because you may not know that someone is already falling in love with that beautiful smile.

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