4 Morning Habits You Should Follow to Start Your Day Off Right


Though morning may not be everyone’s favorite part of the day, it is important to start your day right. Here are our tips to wake up happy and relaxed to have a healthy, productive day ahead.

1. Look Forward to the Day

There are a lot of things to look forward to, don’t scowl and whine just because it’s another day for work or school. Be always grateful that you actually manage to wake up because you may not really know if you’re going to wake up the next day. A lot of people are not motivated. This is not because of their everyday routine, but just a matter of perspective. It will always be up to us. Our choices define what we are, who we are, what we do, and how we live our lives. If you choose to get up and you don’t feel happy, then don’t blame it on others but yourself. It is not for God, or life itself to stop you from saying “life sucks”.

IMG_5507You have the ability to make a change. Once you start looking forward to going to work or school and believing that positive things can happen, then you’ll realize it is worth waking up. If nothing is going right in your day, then do something that will make it better. Even with the simplest ways, look at things on the brighter side and you’ll feel the goodness life can bring.

2. Wake Up Early

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a morning person, starting your day at the right time will always make you feel fresh and happy. Nowadays, unfortunately, a lot of people choose to stay up until the early morning instead of waking up in the morning. This is the opposite of an ideal waking schedule because waking up early is the best way to start your day right. If you are going to wake up around noon, then the day has already started. You’ll end up staying up until the morning again. It is really important for a person to get enough sleep so they could start their day right. Staying up late at night is so tempting, with all the distractions like cell phones, computers, and television. People can forget about the best sleeping habits in favor of these late night addictions.

3. Exercise Regularly

IMG_5501One of the things you should look forward to every day is a good workout routine. There is really no need to the gym, you don’t need a trainer, and you don’t need to be so strict on a diet just to look fit. You can just go for a morning a walk or run. Grab your bicycle and take a ride, or simply just put some music on and dance in the living room. It really doesn’t need to be complicated. If you do go to the gym, make sure you’re going there for the right reasons — which is to work out — and not just post selfies to show everyone how “fit” you are.

Because of the social media age, people do things for the sake of showing off and boasting or sharing things that are not meant to be shared. If you see some not so nice comments then you’ll get sad and start hating on them. It is not healthy at all. There is nothing wrong with going to the gym, but make sure it is for the right reasons.

4. Have the Most Important Meal: BREAKFAST

It really is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is because it is the one that sets our mood. Food is not just for us to be consumed when we’re hungry, it is also for our emotional satisfaction. If we have a really nice breakfast, it really helps us face the day.

IMG_5504That is why some people tend to be grumpy or gloomy when they haven’t eaten breakfast or had their coffee. So never skip breakfast no matter how busy you are. There will always be time for it if you just choose to make time for it.

A great attitude is your weapon against whatever challenges you might face during your entire day. Hopefully, these tips would help you condition yourself to be at your best condition when you get up the bed.

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